torsdag 11. mars 2010

The $250,000 Bioactive Beverage Challenge

The $250,000 Bioactive Beverage Challenge
In 2006, TNI announced a $100,000 challenge to anyone who could identify another network marketing company whose strategy, growth, and history could exceed the incredible 10-year achievements of TNI. No one ever cashed in on the challenge, and what's more—no one could!

Now in 2010 TNI is doing it again, but this time they have raised the stakes to $250,000. TNI is confident that no product can measure up to their Tahitian Noni® Original Bioactive Beverage. So confident, in fact, that they will pay $250,000 to any company in the network marketing industry who can prove that their signature product has all of the following qualities:

•The product features at least 14 human clinical studies, and
•The product has at least 52 scientifically validated patents, and
•The product has been validated as a world class adaptogen and contains 15mg of iridoids or more in each recommended serving, and
•The product contains bioactives from a validated medicinal plant that after processing and pasteurization remains stable for at least two years, and.
•The producing company employs scientists who collectively have authored no fewer than 35 peer-reviewed publications about its signature products in scientific and medical journals, and
•The product adheres to the World Anti-Doping Code and has been approved and certified by an outside independent laboratory.
“We are supremely confident that no other network marketing product in the world comes close to the criteria listed above,” stated Kelly Olsen, founder and member of the Board of Directors of Tahitian Noni International. “Tahitian Noni Original not only meets the requirements, it exceeds them.”

mandag 1. mars 2010

Noni is an adaptogen fruit

Adaptogens have a normalizing effect on the body. This means Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverage will restore the body to its natural balance.